Wealth is god!

Money is the most important thing in the life. It is more important than your spiritual search. It is like Oxygen. Money is the Oxygen of life.

Wealth is god!

It is my observation that your spiritual masters are earning millions by selling you stupid techniques of meditation. They are selling you "no mind" techniques so that you become more and more dumb and stupid. Their holy business can run only if you have "no mind".

If you ask me I can teach you getting into that so called ‘no mind’ state within 30 second, that too in free of cost.

"No mind" is nothing but a device to bypass your logical brain, put you into a trance and then rob your money.

There are so many things which are more important than so called ‘no mind’ thing like your fitness, your financial independence,career, relationships etc.

Nobody is interested to teach you how to create wealth. Nobody is interested to teach you how to create loving relationships. This is ridiculous that so called beloved masters own Roles Royce and Mercedes but they never teach the secret of getting wealthy to their disciples.

It is also my observation that people need money and sex more than meditation. These masters teach you to renounce the desire but desire is the force which helps you to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

They teach you to live in the present moment and it is okay but they should also teach you how to focus on the future because future is created in the present moment.

Letting go and go with the flow is good for a while but you should also have a plan to create a better future. I know about a master who preach about breathing from belly. He is against six pack abs. According to his teaching having six pack abs is sickness. You should have a beer belly. Have you seen a statue of laughing Buddha? According to this world famous master this is a perfect symbol of healthy body. So if you take his teaching seriously then you will have to work on your abs in such a way that they will transform into a beer belly. And if you become successful then you will die from sugar and BP (Diabetes and Blood pressure).

People travel thousands of miles to attain a meditation camp. Help some poor with that money or save that money for your future. Wearing this robe and that mala is all bullshit.

If you want to create a peaceful and happy life then it is very simple. Love people, love yourself, do regular workout and focus on your career. Don’t cheat your spouse or friends.

See, if you cheat your wife then there is no meditation in the world which can save you from the consequences. If you don’t follow ethics in business then there is no meditation which can save you from your unsatisfied clients. Don’t create disorder and your life will automatically become peaceful. You don’t need to do jumping and shouting meditation for it like a duffer. And how long you are going to jump and shout like this? Natural breathing is always better than fast breathing techniques. If you want to change your breathing then exercise is the best way. Go to the gym and work on your body. Your breathing will change, it will become deeper and your body will feel good.

Listen friend, if you have got enough money then most of your problems and tensions will automatically get disappeared. If you work on your body and fitness then you will live a healthy and happy life. Focus on your career.

Recently I meet a brilliant person who wanted to know how to do past life regression. I told him not to waste his time and energy. You pick up these stupid ideas about past life regression and kundalini awakening from some stupid books.

One of the well famous spiritual master used to say that traditional methods take decades to become enlightened but if you follow my technique it will take only three months.

How many people got enlightened?

Where are they?

It does not take even 3 months. Just bring your all senses here and there will be ‘no mind’. But what the fcuk you are going to do with this bullshit ‘no mind’?

These fcuking ‘no mind’ people who attain meditation camps, listen to audio tapes of their master for years and become a slave. Their master talked his whole life on conditioning and his disciples are the best example of a conditioned brain.

Anybody can talk like an intellectual person if he read one hundred rubbish books. In India I find MPSC, UPSC guys are the most stupid students and they become class one officers. I find the genius students always siting on the last bench and getting lowest grades. (Because I was one of them!)

You worship intellectual argument but you never try to find out if it is practical and useful in real life. You talk about nonviolence and I am also for nonviolence but still I know the importance of learning self defense.

I teach my 10 year old nephew about how to be loving and compassionate in this brutal world but side by side I also teach him how to disarm a gun and a knife.

In my view as long as you are living on this earth, money is more important than god. If you are searching for the god at the cost of your career then you are doing a serious mistake. If you are searching for the god at the cost of your fitness and relationships then you are doing a serious mistake.