Confusion and Clarity

Thought creates the smoke of confusion. Mind IS confusion. There is no clarity in mind. And in meditation there is no mind.

Confusion and Clarity

Confusion arises because people believe in certain things. If you believe people are good, but sometimes they are not and you are going to be confused. You love a man and you have certain ideas about how a lover should behave but no lover ever behaves like that. And when a man doesn’t fit with your ideas you are confused.

So drop your beliefs. If you really want to get rid of confusion then drop all beliefs, whether religious or political. Otherwise you will be confused. Never believe in any belief system.

There are no maps in the meditation. Drop the ideologies, drop the scriptures and there will be no more confusion.

If you are already confused, how can you think and resolve the confusion?

In confusion don’t do anything. Just sit. Let the thought settle by themselves, let the confusion dissolve by itself.

Love is simple. Love knows no complexity. A non loving person is in a confusion and chaos.