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Wax Packs Product Configuration


10 Different Split 7″ Records to Collect

Pressed on Black, Color Vinyl (/150), Numbered Color Vinyl (/50)

 20 Different Digital Download Trading Cards

“Pack” = 1 Random 7″

“Box” = 5 different Random 7″ Records (1 Color Vinyl Guaranteed) + 1 Random Trading Card Box Topper

“Case” = 10 Boxes + Bonus Test Pressing Case Topper

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#1 – Casual & Crybaby


Along with Springsteen and Broadwalks, New Jersey has become synonymous with the proverbial basement show and no band quite captures the essence of those loud, spirited nights quite like Causal.

FFO: The Ergs, The Measure (SA), Screeching Weasel


Somewhere in the mid 2000’s, punk rock took a shift into brighter territories, becoming a tool of connection and source of optimism. Blame the internet or Blink -182, but the end product is bands like Crybaby, playing precious, low fi songs intended for mixtapes and helping usher in a new era of punk rock based on the values of friendship, fun, and a positive mindset.

FFO: Latterman, Timeshares, Spraynard

#2 – Austin Lucas & John Moreland

Austin Lucas

Despite his punk background and sleeves of tattoos, Austin Lucas’s brand of bluegrass country is more indebted to Hank Williams than Against Me. Singing songs of love loss, personal redemption, and stories from his Indiana home, Lucas’s music breaks down scene barriers and is just damn good!

FFO: Chuck Ragan, Ryan Adams, Hank Williams

John Moreland

Anyone who is a fan of music has those pocketed moments when they hear something so immediate, so haunting, so perfectly written for them that time stops and all they can do is listen. John Moreland writes songs that will lift you up, bring you down, and remind you why you love to listen to music in the first place.

FFO: Rocky Votolato, Jason Isbell, Ryan Adams

#3 – Aspiga & Broadcaster


Aspiga plays that kind of roll the windows down and turn the radio up punk rock that drives and pumps with equal measure melody and volume.

FFO: The Get Up Kids, Superchunk, No Motiv


Long Island always has a way of serving up a crop of excellent, melodic bands that know how to write a hook or two. In Broadcaster’s case, they find ways to drive the point home with their honest brand of straight ahead rock.

FFO: The Weakerthans, Superchunk, Jawbreaker

#4 – Gifthorse & Broken Field Runner


Stripped down and raw, Gifthorse is a lo fi exploration of being stuck in suburban America. One half old Against Me!, one half Bright Eyes, these heartfelt and powerful songs are anthems for the disenchanted yet still hopeful.

FFO: Against Me, Chuck Ragan, Paul Baribeau

Broken Field Runner

Broken Field Runner is the brainchild of Tony Bucci. Armed with an electric guitar and his sprawling thoughts, Bucci creates songs stripped down beauty and brutal honesty.

FFO: Say Anything, One Line Drawing, Dashboard Confessional

#5 – PJ Bond & Arliss Nancy

PJ Bond

The gospel of PJ Bond is one of haunting melodies sung from a well of experience and well traveled years. Call it alt country, indie folk, or just plain good.

FFO: Rocky Votolato, The Weakerthans, Jason Isbell

 Arliss Nancy

Alt-Country Stalwarts, Americana Dynamos, Patron Saints from the great state of Colorado, Arliss Nancy play a timeless brand of soulful rock and roll made for your heart and feet.

FFO: Lucero, The Hold Steady, Drag the River

#6 – Marathon & Fire When Ready


Some bands come along the pike with a vision of how the current punk rock rituals must be redefined or taken down all together. Armed with the dynamic, seductive vocals of Aaron Scott, Marathon rewrote the book on political punk rock from 2002 to 2006 while gaining a legion of fans along the way.

FFO: Strike Anywhere, Propaghandi, Fifteen

Fire When Ready

When active, Fire When Ready was the greatest band just on the threshold of destroying the underground. Shouting, powerful vocals against a dancey, punch in your face rhythm section and a live show that feel more like a tent revival than a concert. Impossible to pigeonhole and even harder to deny, Fire When Ready played the kind of music that inspired people to go out and make their own.

FFO: Mewithoutyou, At The Drive In, Bear Vs Shark

#7 – Podacter & Banquets


Podacter’s joyful sound is something reminiscent of No Idea era Hot Water Music or any number of great Latterman songs that came along the pike. This stuff was made for those who wish to dance and shout the lyrics back to the band at Friday night basement shows.

FFO: Hot Water Music, Latterman, Timeshares


What is it about New Jersey? These Garden State natives carry on the tradition of excellence with their fine crafted and irresistible songs about love, loss, and honesty.

FFO:Jimmy Eat World, Acceptance, Polar Bear Club

#8 – Placeholder & Such Gold


No frills, no special tricks. Placeholder delivers tight, melodic verse with deft execution and heart-on-your-heart emotion. Put these guys on your turntable and crank it.

FFO: Texas is The Reason, Title Fight , Static Radio NJ

Such Gold

Impassioned and explosive in both content and presentation, SUCH GOLD is one of the most  respected names in hardcore today.

FFO: The Movielife, Crime in Stereo, Transit

#9 – Half Hearted Hero & Half Hearted Hero

Half Hearted Hero

Hard hitting, technical, catchy New Englanders who specialize in giving their audience exactly what they want only didn’t know they wanted it. Maybe you could say their is A Wilhelm Scream influence in there or bits of Torche but those are only reference points for journalists. These guys really big their own sound to the table.

FFO: A Wilhelm Scream, The Fullblast, No Trigger

#10 – Boxer & The Hundred Acre Woods


Emotive, driving rock calling back to the late 90’s glory days of Jade Tree and Revelation Records while still maintaining their own sound. Heavy yet uplifting, fast yet inviting, Boxer’s brand of righteous tracks belong to the late night summer drives, shares with close friends and cranked down windows.

FFO: Title Fight, Fairweather, Polar Bear Club

The Hundred Acre Woods

There is a charming, nostalgic quality to Hundred Acre Wood  that arrests the listener and pulls them in. Something must be in the water in Pennsylvania because these keystone natives bring beauty, originality, and great songwriting to an already thriving scene.

FFO: Mumford and Sons, Sufjan Stevens, Saintseneca


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